CSEA’s 71st Anniversary Biennial Convention

At CSEA’s 71st Anniversary Convention on September 21, 2012, delegates met to elect new officers, seat our 2012-2014 executive council, vote on proposed amendments to our constitution, recognize members and hear from special guests. Members representing their brothers and sisters at this biennial event play a special role as our Union’s highest-decision making body, and set the agenda for building power in their worksites, in politics and in our communities for the following two years.

Delegates reelected CSEA Patrice Peterson and elected P-4 Council President Steven Anderson to succeed Paige Farnham as our new Secretary-Treasurer and elected Roland Bishop as an auditor.

Addressing the convention were Current Majority Leader, Brenden Sharkey, who is expected to succeed Speaker of the House Chris Donovan when the legislature returns in January. Governor Malloy addressed the convention and took several questions: When asked about transformation of state service, the flattening managerial structures, the empowerment of frontline state employees, and the end of the State’s dependence on private contractors, the governor replied simply that he needs the help of state employees and is always looking for new ideas. When asked about the timeframe for appointments to the State Contracting Standards Board so that it can meet and start performing cost benefit analyses of contracts entered into between the state and private entities the Governor replied that he has a list of names and is planning to appoint them soon.
At CSEA’s 71st Anniversary Convention on September 21, 2012, delegates approved bylaw changes to the McCusker Scholarship Fund. The McCusker Scholarship Fund is the scholarship program for our members’ children and grandchildren. This year 60 scholarships of $1,000 each was awarded to eligible applicants. In summary, the changes were:

1) Allow legal dependents of members to apply for a McCusker scholarship and to be considered a child for the purpose of awarding a scholarship.
2) Directs Councils to elect a replacement in the event their Trustee can no longer serve as a Trustee.
3) Creates two officers of Trustees, the Chairperson and the Treasurer.
4) Allows trustees to participate in meeting by telephone conference.

If you have any questions regarding the McCusker Scholarship program, please feel free to contact Bernadette Conway at the Union office at 860-951-6614 or by e-mail at bconway@csea760.com.

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