Breakpoint Update

CSEA’s State Division appointed the following members to the rank-and-file negotiating committee to negotiate changes in the Tier II, Tier IIA, and Tier III breakpoint.

  • Wayne Thorpe, a P-4 member , who works for the Department of Construction Services.
  • Nikole Princess Russell, a P-3B member , who works for the Department of Developmental Services
  • Sandi Casberg, a P-3A member, who works for the State Department of Education.

The Revised 2011 SEBAC agreement provides that the State and SEBAC will meet and discuss a modification to the Breakpoint that will be effective for service earned on and after July 1, 2013. The revised breakpoint will be designed so that the pension amount for individuals earning under the current breakpoint will be increased. The cost of such change in Breakpoint shall not increase the Employer Normal Cost more than .5% of payroll in any year. The formula change and costs shall be provided by the Plan’s Actuaries.  In the event the parties’ are unable to agree on the Revised Breakpoint, the matter shall be referred to the arbitrator appointed under the terms of the Pension Agreement and shall be governed by the state employees’ interest arbitration law and the terms of the SEBAC agreement.

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