Child Care Update

Naomi Mitchell Makes Calls to Child Care Providers

In December, CSEA President Patrice Peterson, and Child Care Team Director Helene Figueroa traveled to Chicago for a planning meeting with SEIU International.  They discussed the national campaign to organize child care providers.  In Connecticut, we won the right to bargain with the State during the last

legislative session.  We are now on the cusp of entering into negotiations around the reimbursement rates for the child care subsidy program for low-income families known as Care4Kids.  Family child care providers who receive these subsidies have not seen a raise in 10 years!

As child care providers prepare for the negotiation of their first contract, they are actively seeking to show strength by signing up more members.  Because of the budget difficulties the State is currently facing, it has become that much more important to show the state that child care providers are united in their fight to be recognized and make improvements to the child care field too.  The best way to demonstrate this is numbers.  We have an aggressive and ongoing mail, phone bank and door-to-door campaign underway to get providers to sign membership cards.

Active and retired CSEA members have been doing their part to help the child care team by making phone calls and spreading the word that union membership works.  Thanks to everyone who helped phone bank over the past month!



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