P-3A Council Survey Results


During the Question and Answer portion of the January 2014 P-3A Member Meetings, the majority of P-3A members in attendance raised concerns on a number of issues, including workplace climate.  An informal survey was developed by CSEA and P-3A Council/Chapter 260 to help provide P-3A members the resources and leadership needed to improve public education and to help to resolve current issues.  Click here to view complete survey results.

The CSEA P-3A survey was sent to 173 personal e-mail addresses of P-3A members. Two reminder e-mails were sent on May 7 and 12.  As a result of CSEA and P-3A promotion of this survey, 81 P-3A members completed some or all of the survey questions.  This report includes data and comments for all questions answered, regardless of whether the individual completed all 41 questions.

Overall, approximately half of the P-3A membership at the Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE) completed the survey.  P-3A members at the Office of Early Childhood (OEC) and the Department of Rehabilitation Services (DORS) also completed the survey. Click here to view complete survey results.

CSDE has offices in Hartford and Middletown.  The number of responses from CSDE in Hartford and Middletown reflected the percentage of members in both locations.  Both the survey response rate, and the survey response rate by CSDE location, show that member responses fairly represent the P-3A membership at CSDE as a whole.

The Survey Items were drawn from the issues raised at the January 2014 P-3A meetings.  Survey Items were grouped into 8 Issue Areas:

  1. Professional Staff Planning and Evaluation System (PSPES) Process
  2. CSDE Hiring Process
  3. External Contracts – Fiscal Concerns
  4. External Contracts – Productivity Concerns
  5. Management – Productivity Concerns
  6. Workplace Climate
  7. Workplace Schedule and Productivity
  8. Labor-Management.

The Survey Item results of P-3A member responses in the 8 Issue Areas begins on page 5 of this report.  P-3A response categories were: “Agree,” “Disagree,” “Don’t Know,” and “Not Applicable.”  Union members had an option to include comments.  An analysis of member comments will be available in a subsequent report.  All results are in aggregate form and do not personally identify survey respondents.   Click here to view complete survey results.

Next Steps
Overall, the results of this informal survey show that the issues raised by individual P-3A members at the January 2014 meetings were not just anecdotal.  In 7 of the 8 Issue Areas, P-3A members showed agreement with the majority of the Survey items.

Given the P-3A Election on June 30, 2014, the P-3A Executive Committee and CSEA Leadership recommend that the next P-3A Executive Committee identify issues for action and resolution.  For questions, please contact Andrew Midgen, CSEA Staff Representative at amidgen@csea760.com.   Click here to view complete survey results.


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