CSEA’s Statement On The Republican Budget Proposal

Friday morning, Republican leaders in the General Assembly released their alternate budget proposal.  Ironically titling their document “A Blueprint for Prosperity,” Republican leaders outlined an assault on the hard working Connecticut workers that make our state go.  Calling for wage freezes, benefit concessions, and a free reign to engage in privatization schemes, Republican leaders attacked middle class state employees while giving new tax breaks and handouts to wealthy businesses.

“This Republican budget makes every effort to expand the State’s overuse of expensive outside consultants and contractors by calling for an all new Privatization Planning Committee,” said Travis Woodward, an engineer with the Department of Transportation and President of the P-4 Bargaining Unit.  “We have been highlighting for months the state’s own documents showing that it’s cheaper to bring work in-house, yet the Republican budget is attempting to handout tax dollars to for-profit companies rather than utilizing the efficiencies found doing work in-house; I think that really shows where that party’s priorities are and how preposterous this budget proposal is.”  

The Republican budget also calls for the elimination of caps on business tax credits; a type of corporate handout potentially worth millions that only benefits those wealthy companies who have already maxed-out their available tax breaks.

“State employees have sacrificed in recent years in order to help the state during challenging economic times. We have endured difficult concessions which impacted our families.  Were it not for the very real sacrifices of state employees, Connecticut would be facing a much higher unemployment rate and larger budget deficits.  Now that the state is moving in the right direction, the Republican leaders want to move it backwards, ” said CSEA President Stephen Anderson. 

“The people of Connecticut want an effective government that works for them; and that requires highly skilled and highly competent employees, said CSEA Executive Director David Glidden. If the state wants to attract the best and the brightest to state service, it is important that they maintain benefits that can support middle class families, not attack state employees for doing their jobs serving the people of Connecticut.”

It’s time to stand up for all working families and protect our communities and economy by asking the super-rich and the largest corporations to pay their fair share.





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