Hartford Courant falsely attacks State employees’ pension benefits

By Robert D. Rinker

The Courant should look into the mirror itself before giving it as a gift to legislators (July 20th Editorial). The Courant has cheered the Governor’s budget and his new economic reality and now bemoans the cuts that need to be made by State agencies and its impact on working and middle class families.

And for the umpteenth time, the Courant falsely attacks State employees’ pension benefits claiming the benefits are the most generous in the nation. When in actuality, a typical State employee has modest benefits that combined with social security benefits and the employee’s individual savings will provide for retirement security. This type of retirement security should be for all Americans not just for state employees.

With regards to pension funding, most of the unfunded liability is attributable to State employees hired prior to July 1, 1984, and nearly all of them have retired from State service. State Comptroller Kevin Lembo in concert with the State Employees Retirement Commission has offered a sensible and a fiscal responsible solution to the long term funding of the State Employee Pension Plan. The solution will not only benefit the plan’s participants, but also the Connecticut taxpayers.


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