We Are Not Wisconsin


With our rights and our benefits under serious threat from a number of bills before the General Assembly, it makes sense to repost this video as a reminder of what’s at stake for us as workers.  We have a duty to get involved and stay active or else we risk losing everything we have.

“So without getting too technical, what Act 10 really did was make everything an illegal subject of bargaining.” Said John English, one of the four Wisconsin public sector workers who addressed the forum. “In your current contracts I’m going to guess that you probably have some seniority provisions, whether it’s for layoffs, or to select vacation, or select work assignments. Well in Wisconsin that’s now illegal. It’s all gone. And this is where it really got crazy, once the law went into effect, all over the state at every school district, at every municipality, in their charter ordinances or their rules of governance, when it talked about stuff like pay, vacation or sick leave it always said refer to the collective bargaining agreement. Well those went out the window with the stroke of [Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s] Pen.”

“We were very disturbed to hear about what happened in Wisconsin,” said CSEA Child Care Provider RJo Winch. “The Governor is suppose to be a servant of the people, so how could you deny the people their rights? Nobody elects anybody to office to deny their rights, they elect you to protect their rights and fight for their rights.”

The forum was a good reminder that we must continue to be vigilant in electing worker-friendly politicians to office so that the kind of legislative slaughter of worker’s rights that happened in Wisconsin never happens in Connecticut.

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