Tell your legislators to vote NO on a veto override

We are asking everyone to reach out to your legislators and demand they vote NO on a veto override and reject the TOXIC Republican budget as a starting point for further budget negotiations, especially if your legislator supported this TOXIC budget when it was first voted on: Click here for the list of how legislators voted on the toxic budget.

Call your Representative.  These calls matter more than you realize.

• House Democrats Office: 860.240.8500

• House Republicans Office: 860.240.8700

Click here to email your legislators.

Even the Hartford Courant recognizes that this budget is TOXIC for our state.

Hartford Courant– The budget passed by the legislature has serious problems, and the governor should veto it. Among the issues: It makes unreasonably deep cuts — $300 million over two years — to the University of Connecticut. Its plan to adjust state employee benefits is legally risky, and the state Attorney General has warned against it. It offers no help to Hartford, which needs money to avoid bankruptcy. It doesn’t responsibly address the problems with how the state grants education funding to towns. It risks transportation funding.

The Courant is right, this is a TOXIC budget. What’s so awful about this budget?

  • Attacks collective bargaining rights: eliminates freedom for state workers to negotiate health care and retirement security, and makes significant changes to municipal collective bargaining;
  • Guts our clean elections program: by gutting the program created after the Rowland scandal, this budget opens up the floodgates for dark money in our elections; • Intentionally denies funding for pension cost of living increases for retired state workers on fixed incomes.
  • Increases taxes on the working poor: by drastically cutting the earned income tax credit, the working poor will have to pay $75 million more in taxes while the wealthiest 1% don’t pay a penny more;
  • Hurts small business and communities by reducing the purchasing power of consumers while also forcing municipalities to increase their mill rates and raising property taxes.
  • Axes the budget for UConn: the state’s premier public university gets axed over $300 million over the biennium which will result in devastating cuts to the school and increased tuition;
  • It’s completely unbalanced: per the nonpartisan fiscal office, the budget creates huge deficits over $6 billion from 2020-2022;
  • And so much more: cuts jobs programs at the DOL, cuts health programs, eliminates the Jobs Funnels Project, excludes funding to prevent Hartford bankruptcy, and more.  You can read the Office of Fiscal Analysis report on the TOXIC Budget here.

If this budget were to become law, it would lock in devastating policy ideas that would wreak havoc for decades to come.

Email your legislator right now!

And please, keep an eye on your inbox, we will be asking union members to take more actions in the days and weeks ahead as we work to break this budget stalemate.

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