Attention Retired State Employees:

If you have received a letter from silverscript stating that you are being disenrolled, do not panic. Medicare advantage will be taking over your prescriptions as soon as silver script ends.   Your new Medicare Advantage coverage will begin automatically on January 1 2018.  You as an individual will not need to sign up for anything, the state of Connecticut is automatically enrolling you in Medicare advantage as a state retiree.

On the pharmaceutical side, that means that United will be providing coverage (as on the medical), rather than the current Silverscript/Caremark arrangement.
We have learned, as some of you have already heard, that Silverscript sent out letters without prior approval of the Comptroller’s office.  The letter correctly indicated that members would no longer have Silverscript coverage as of 1/1/18, but failed to mention that they would continue to be covered by the State Employee plan (through United).   So some members may be very confused and concerned.  The Comptroller’s office has directed Silverscript to send out apology letters, and members will get further correspondence from United as well.

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