Message from CSEA President Stephen Anderson About the End of the 2018 Legislative Session

After a standoff that directly threatened portions of Connecticut’s Collective Bargaining laws, the General Assembly passed a bipartisan budget to keep the state funded for the rest of the year. I want to thank everyone who took the time to email, call and visit with their legislators. A lot of bad proposals were made this legislative session that attacked our union rights and we were able to stop nearly all of them.  Sometimes stopping bad legislation is the biggest victory to be had, and it resulted from a huge effort by council 400 retired state employees, active state employees, our municipal workers, child care providers, and Paraeducators who made calls to legislators, sent hundreds of emails and made the legislature understand that the negative impact of those proposals would hit home in their communities.  

You can read more about the budget here.

The coming 2018 election will be pivotal for union rights in Connecticut.  If additional anti-worker politicians are elected then all manner of bad things will happen to our Collective Bargaining laws in future legislative sessions.   So as we move forward towards the 2018 election this fall, make sure you watch for opportunities to be part of the process as we interview candidates who want our support and work to make sure anti-worker politicians don’t get the opportunity to strip us of our rights.   

We have a long summer and a lot of work ahead of us if we are to win this fall, but I’m confident if we do our work just as we did these past few weeks, then we can ensure that our Collective Bargaining rights will be there for us for years to come.  

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