Janus v AFSCME

group shot

The Supreme Court has sided with billionaires against hard-working Americans in the Janus V. AFSCME court case.  The wealthy special interests behind Janus v. AFSCME want to lower standards for workers and weaken unions so that they can become even richer at the expense of working people. Powerful corporations have already cut pay and destroyed pensions and healthcare for their workers. Because of our collective power to fight back, union members earn higher wages and get better benefits than non-union workers. Their goal is to divide and weaken us so that they can take away all that working families have won over the years. Working people across the country remain dedicated to joining together in unions for the good-paying union jobs our families and communities need. No court case can stop us!  

roland_steve_travisCSEA members provide essential public services to Connecticut residents. Our work ensures that children with special needs can receive a quality education, that our communities are safe, that our roads and bridges are maintained, that we have clean air to breathe, safe water to drink, and countless other things that the people of Connecticut rely on every day.

We know that when working people stick together in a union, we can raise wages, secure basic needs like quality health insurance, improve our jobs, build strong communities, and make life better for our families. America needs unions!



It’s time to say we’re rising up for good, union jobs no matter what any court says. Can you post a photo of yourself holding a UNION sign using #Union?

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