CSEA Statement on National Right to Work Foundation Lawsuit

The following statement is from David Glidden, Executive Director of CSEA SEIU Local 2001:

The anti-union National Right to Work Foundation (NRWF) issued a press release on Thursday, September 6, about a lawsuit that has been filed against CSEA SEIU Local 2001.  The lawsuit, in addition to being malevolently motivated, is completely without merit and we shall vigorously defend against it.  CSEA has complied fully with the Janus decision since it was issued. Prior to that, we collected fair share fees in accordance with 35 years of Supreme Court precedent for the purposes of negotiating and administering contracts, and therefore we are confident that we will prevail in this matter.

This is yet another attack by the anti-worker forces who are determined to destroy the American middle class.  It is certain that labor unions have been the path for workers to reach the middle class through fair wages, reliable healthcare, and honorable retirements. The despicable NRWF and its billionaire funders seek to undo the progress workers have made, but nothing they do will stop the resolve of workers banding together and speaking with one voice for what is just and fair for ourselves, our families, and our communities.   

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