An Important Update for Retirees of Medicare Age

As you know, the Part B Reimbursement process this past year was difficult. There was a new requirement for 2018 that all retirees of Medicare age had to send documentation of how much they were paying for their Medicare Parts B and D. After doing so, it was a long and difficult process for updates and retroactive reimbursement. Through the advocacy of CSEA, the Retirement Division streamlined the process for 2019. Retirees that have been notified that they will be paying the basic amount for their Part B, which is $135.50 for 2019, will not have to send in their Social Security statements this year. The vast majority of retirees pay the basic amount, so that is great news that their Part B Reimbursement will be automatically adjusted!

Retirees that have been notified that they will be paying an amount other than $135.50 for 2019 will need to submit a copy of their Social Security statement or a bill of how much you are paying for your Part B. You will not be submitting this information to the Retirement Division, as you have in the past. They have arranged for UnitedHealthcare Benefit Services to process the paperwork. You will need to send it to:

UnitedHealthcare Benefit Services
PO Box 740221
Atlanta, GA 30374-0021
Or you can email it to:

The deadline to submit paperwork is February 28, 2019 to have retroactive reimbursement to January 2019. If you do not send it in by the deadline of February 28, 2019 you will be reimbursed from the date they receive it moving forward. This applies to the State of Connecticut retiree as well as their spouse and any dependents on Medicare.

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