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CSEA Council 400 is your voice in Connecticut!  Every day, CSEA is fighting against bad proposals and opportunistic elected officials who aim to slash our benefits at both our state and nation’s capitol.  It is important to support groups that fight on your behalf and CSEA Council 400 is the only organization looking out specifically for the interests of retired Connecticut State Employees and CSEA is the only retiree organization that has a full-time staff representative to answer your questions.

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Top 6 CSEA accomplishments

  1. Pension plan established for all state employees (1939)
  2. Cost of living adjustments for all state retirees (1963)
  3. Payment for retiree health insurance including reimbursement of Medicare Part B (1979-1988)
  4. Retiree health benefits that are equal to employee benefits, regardless of Medicare eligibility (1993)
  5. $0 copays for 90 day supplies of medications (some exceptions) for those who retired prior to October 2, 2011 and a reduced co-pay for those whose retirement is effective October 2, 2011 and later and get maintenance medications through in-network pharmacies (2013)

Top Benefits from Joining Council 400

  1. Members gain access to the McCusker Scholarship fund for their children and grandchildren.
  2. To be well informed through our monthly CSEA News, website and chapter meetings
  3. Convenient access to a full-time staff representative assigned to help retirees with insurance and pension issues
  4. Social Activities


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