Tentative Agreement Between ACES & CSEA

Click here to view the tentative agreement between ACES & CSEA


ACES Non-Certified Employees- RATIFICATION VOTE-

When: Wednesday, April 3rd of 2019

Poll times and Location are as follows:

Whitney High School East:       1:00pm. to 3:00pm.

Transportation:                         2:00pm. to 4:00pm.

Sails program:                            1:00pm. to 3:00pm.

Village School:                           1:00pm. to 3:00pm.

Thomas Edison Middle School:  all day (with Travon Z.)


Note: Members can vote at any location, questions will be answered at any of the locations regarding the Tentative Agreement. 

           It’s very important to come and Vote on YOUR CONTRACT!


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