Childcare Providers Ratify New Contract!

Child Care providers participating in Connecticut’s Care 4 Kids program, who are members of CSEA have voted overwhelmingly (99% Yes) to ratify their new contract with the State of Connecticut.  The contract has received approval from the Connecticut General Assembly.   

Who’s impacted?
The Childcare Provider contract covers licensed and unlicensed childcare providers participating in Connecticut’s Care 4 Kids childcare subsidy program. All providers make less than the minimum wage per child.

Contract duration
Providers have been working without a contract since their previous contract expired in 2017. This contract start date is retroactive to 2017 and will expire in 2021.

The Office of Policy and Management’s annualized cost estimate of the contract is $2.9 Million.


  • 2018, 2019, & 2020
  • Licensed Providers 2.5%
  • Unlicensed Providers 1.25%
  • Payable on July 1, 2022 an average bonus of $900 to licensed providers and $450 for unlicensed. Only providers who complete their 3rd year caring in the Care 4 Kids program by July 1st of 2021 would be eligible for a bonus.

What is Care 4 Kids?
Care 4 Kids is a social subsidy that services over 18,000 children in towns across Connecticut and is a vital program for Connecticut’s economy, enabling low wage families to afford child care so they can work or attend authorize education programs.
The program pays over 5,500 providers who work in centers, group homes, or in home-based childcares. Providers who care for family members and those who obtain a childcare license must go through extensive screening.

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