NASHTU 2019 Conference

This week, Travis Woodward- P4 Council President and Chapter 88 Member, Daniel Stafko – Chapter 88 President, Momar Ndao – Chapter 88 Member and Joseph Velardi – Chapter 9 Member, traveled to our nation’s Capitol to attend the National Association of State Highway and Transportation Unions (NASHTU) 2019 Conference.


NASHTU is a coalition of 38 unions, representing 20 states with hundreds of thousands of state and local transportation employees. Started in 1999, NASHTU is dedicated to ensuring that federal funds dedicated to transportation are spent in a cost-effective manner that serves the public interest. CSEA is a proud coalition member and was thrilled that our Council P4 President was able to make the trip to DC to attend this important conference.

Our CSEA representatives attended numerous panels focused on transportation policy and funding as well as more general labor organization issues. Our Director of Field Services, Kevin Mercik was tapped to be a speaker on the Post Janus Decision Labor Organizing Panel where he spoke about our efforts to maintain a strong membership and continue to fight for our values.NASHTU1

Attendees also heard from both the Ranking Democrat on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee and Ranking Republican on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee as well as the many other Representatives and Senators across the US.

Advocating for our federal legislative priorities surrounding transportation and infrastructure, our members also met with all seven members of Connecticut’s Delegation. Such priorities include requiring a cost-comparison for architectural, engineering and related services on transportation projects that use federal funds, an initiative that has been proven in states like Louisiana and Utah that outsourcing these services costs 2-3 times as much as using state employees.


Safety, efficiency and accountability are strong principles that CSEA stands by, thus Travis also broadly lobbied for the support of H.R. 1099, a bill requiring inspectors overseeing federally funded projects be public inspectors, thereby preventing inspectors who are loyal to shareholders, not taxpayers, overseeing public projects.

Thank you Travis, Daniel, Momar and Joesph for the work you do on a daily basis to not only better the lives of our CSEA members, but to better the transportation infrastructure across our state! NASHTU4

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