CSEA Welcomes Avon Nutritional Services Workers to the Union!

On Monday, June 10th, the Nutritional Services Workers of Avon Public Schools joined CSEA with overwhelming support for the union. Their job titles include: Food Service Workers, Assistant Cook Manager and Cook Manager.

“I think it came down to job security, also being taken advantage of with no recourse. Unfair wages, highest insurance premiums in the district while being the lowest paid. Many reasons…but mostly to keep employers from taking advantage of vital workers,” said Rhonda Keel on the decision to join CSEA.

The eighteen cafeteria employees will now join the seventy-five para-educators who have been represented by CSEA for approximately twenty-five years, adding strength and diversity to their local chapter. Para-educator chapter president, Dee Suttmeier said, “It is a real pleasure to have these hard working cafeteria employees join our union, they needed representation for many years and I’m glad that they finally have it.”

Among the major concerns of the Nutritional Service Workers were: healthcare costs, job security, and respect in the workplace. In order to address these issues, negotiations with the Avon Board of Education will start soon with Rhonda Keep and Kiren Cooley-Bump leading the negotiations team.


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