Environmental Analyst 2 Katie Clayton


During the summer you’ll find Katie in Old Lyme and Milford working as a Field Operations Manager for the Long Island Sound Water Quality Program. As an Environmental Analyst 2, Katie’s job is to monitor the nutrient and dissolved O2 content for the Sound to protect its’ aquatic life, a vital resource for local residents and businesses.

In addition to being a CSEA member for over 13 years, Katie has also served as the Chapter 24 Secretary for the past 6 years. Coming from a strong union family, she’s #UnionYes because of what unions enable the working class to better themselves and their families. Unions are the reason we have paid vacations, sick time, wage increases, health insurance, pensions and so much more. She wants to maintain those benefits and work towards new ones for her and the rest of the working families in CT.

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