Lester Shapiro


Before starting his state service in 1976, Lester served in the US Army from 1949-1952 when he discharged to begin school at the University of Maine in 1956.

Upon graduation, he moved to Portland where he became a High School History teacher and met the love of his life who he is still happily married to (I guess the movie they saw on their first date was pretty great!)

After moving to Connecticut, he began working at the tolls in Madison and Montville—the start to his long career at DOT. He later became the Clerk for the Office of Right of Way, then Assistant Property Agent and eventually was promoted to Property Agent before his retirement in 1992.

Lester is an instrumental member of Council 400 and never fails to attend a Delegate’s meeting up here in Hartford (despite the drive from the shore!)

He’s been a union member for over 40 years and remembers when his coworkers and he finally gained the right to negotiate collectively—finally making his voice heard to management after years of dangerous and unfair labor practices.

Lester understands that benefits require in-depth and assertive negotiations in order to protect and extend them throughout retirement. So when Lester went to retire there was no question—he decided to join CSEA Council 400 so that his voice would continue to be heard.

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