State School Instructor- Tom Welch


Tom started working for the state on May 13, 1983 at the Mansfield Training School for the Department Developmental Services as a State School Instructor. One month later he was a proud CSEA member—and he’s remained ever since.

As an active member he worked alongside Patrice Peterson in the P3B Council as Vice President until 2009 when he retired. Tom was also an extraordinary Chief Steward for the Eastern Region—constantly on the ground listening to members and resolving issues as they arose.

Back then and now, Tom has been a constant presence—both in the union hall and throughout Connecticut. He’s always the first person to offer a hand to anyone in need and is never afraid to get his own hands dirty to help the greater good. Most of CSEA has had the pleasure of meeting him at some point—including many new recruits who are brought into our CSEA family through his warm smile, infectious laughter and willingness to lend a hand.

Tom has been an integral part of CSEA since the day he joined over 35 years ago—between his role as Chief Steward and Vice President for the P3B Council and his role as Membership Co-Chair for Council 400, Tom is always helping out!

There are always threats of layoffs and benefits cuts and for that reason Tom has worked hard for the union—not only for himself and his colleagues but for the rest of Connecticut’s working class. Tom understands that when standards are raised for union workers, standards across the board are raised and for that reason you’ll find him at every meeting and every rally, fighting for worker’s rights.

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