Cheryl Joyner – CSEA Childcare Provider

CSEA represents home-based family childcare providers who give parents peace of mind knowing their children are well cared for while they are at work. Cheryl Joyner, of Hamden, is one of these dedicated childcare providers.

When her grandson fell ill to sickle cell anemia, Cheryl didn’t give a second thought to quitting her full-time job to care for him. As Cheryl says, “No one can take care of him like I can” and she’s right.

Cheryl has been a member of CSEA since 2013 and has since served as the Secretary of the Child Care Council. In 2016 when the Childcare Subsidy Program was closed, she worked tirelessly alongside other CSEA members to ensure it reopened by letting her Representatives know how vital the program is to working families in Connecticut.

Cheryl is #UnionYes because “many voices are much louder than one when we need to be heard.”  Are you ready to join with our voices? Message our page to learn more!


CSEA member, Cheryl Joyner is pictured here with her grandson.

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