Mary Baier – Transportation Principal Engineer

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Mary is a Transportation Principal Engineer with a Parenthetical in Construction currently working for the Office of Construction in Newington on the Berlin Turnpike, but her job can take her all across our great state.

Starting in 1981 with DEEP, Mary was chosen to participate in a Federal Program, Youth Conservation Corps, this summer program introduced her to the grit of field work in construction. At the ripe age of 15 she was tasked with the installation and maintenance of fencing along the Westport Sherwood Island parking lot—without the help of power tools. Having just a few robust tools and her two hands, 15 year old Mary was hooked by the construction process.

One doesn’t have to look far to learn that Mary’s affinity for construction is nothing less than genetically engineered in her. Growing up she saw her grandfather and uncles work for District 3 Maintenance and Surveys, her grandfather being memorialized in the history of the original Merritt Parkway construction so when she went off to college she knew what her passion was.

Mary attended St. Anslem College for three years, immersing herself in pre-engineering and liberal arts studies, she was awarded a BA in Liberal Studies with a Minor in Computer Science—but she wasn’t done learning. She went on to study at the University of Notre Dam where she earned a degree in Civil Engineering after just two more years. When she wasn’t studying and earning credits Mary was spending her summers back home in CT working as a Field Inspector for District 3 Construction. When the time came for her to join the workforce, options came from all over for Mary—private industry, military and public offers—but ultimately Mary chose to come back home and continue to serve her home state. She was offered a position immediately with District 3, having gained pertinent on-the-job experience during the summers she was an ideal candidate for the Departments’ first List Bridge Rehabilitation Program.

When Mary walked into the office on her first day, she not only signed her employment papers, but she also signed her union card. There was no questions—Mary would not only be a 3rd Generation state employee, but she’d also be a 3rd Generation CSEA member!

Mary is a phenomenal engineer for CT and has rightfully received numerous accolades to celebrate her accomplishments—The Leadership Award for CONDA Team, SAVE Award for the CONDA Program and the Office of the Inspector General Award for Fraud Awareness in Construction are just a few, but you can also find her in educational videos played across the country.

Mary has served Connecticut now for over 30 years, and our state has immensely benefited by her committing her time, passion and know-how to the betterment of our infrastructure. Thank you Mary for everything you do for Connecticut and CSEA!

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