Congratulations our 55 McCusker Scholarship Winners!

CSEA is proud to have been able to positively influence 55 students as they embark on their academic journey. Thank you to every individual and chapter that made a donation–your generosity makes this possible.

With over 120 applicants, a panel of independent judges from outside CSEA was assembled to review and select qualifying scholarship recipients. Judges made their determination based off of scholastic ability as determined by scholarship record an/or competitive examinations, financial need, social adaptations and a personal essay.

Our McCusker Scholarship Trustees, as well as CSEA’s very own Valerie Lattarulo, make this event possible every year–constantly promoting, coordinating and fundraising. This year’s Trustees include: Don Gladding, Chairperson; Tawanda Kitt, Treasurer; Peter Brunelli; Janet Brutcher; Verdel Hewitt; Edna Morales; Ricardo Taddei and Iris White.

Special Thanks to Representative Robyn Porter (pictured below) and Representative Michael Demicco who took time out of their busy schedules to celebrate these bright minds with us!

Stay tuned for the full list of winners in the next issue of CSEA News.


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