Don Gladding- Transportation Engineer 3

Don started out his state service back in 1968 as an Engineering Technician where he was promoted three (3!) times before retiring in 2003 as a Transportation Engineer. Most of his time was spent at DOT District 1; however he spent a few years working with the District 2 construction teams.


Working for DOT, Don was charged with supervising contractual projects to ensure that quality work was being performed at the price-point the State had agreed on. This was a crucial job for the financial well-being of Connecticut because when a company was contracted for work in CT, there was a possibility of those contracted companies cutting corners to increase their own profits. Poor quality workmanship and substandard materials, however, would result in the state having to eventually redo the work sooner than expected –leaving the taxpayers to foot an even larger bill in the long run.

This isn’t even to mention the safety concerns connected with poor workmanship or substandard materials in the bridges we drive over and the cables and equipment we drive under—one failure could result in the loss of life.

CSEA was lucky to have Don has an active member for over 30 years, and now CSEA Council 400 is lucky to have his talents and passion to help guide our mission. Don is the President of Chapter 412 out of Putnam, but also works as the Chairman of the McCusker Scholarship Fund.



Don (far right) is seen here with the rest of the McCusker Board of Directors during the 2019 Awards Ceremony.

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