“Public Employees suck up too much money from the state” “Public employees work the necessary jobs, providing vital services to the state. Private contracts doubles the cost of large projects, adding millions to the budget”
“No one has pensions anymore, State Employees are LUCKY” “Everyone should have the financial security of a defined benefits retirement plan—unions raise standards across the board”
“State Employees never have to make sacrifices for the state budget” “In the most recent SEBAC agreement, State employees sacrificed an average of $17,500/ person for a total savings of over $24 billion for the state”
“The union makes it impossible to fire bad employees” “Union Reps fight for workers rights and a fair appeals process, but in the end a bad employee can and will be terminated”
“The State is filled with cushy jobs” “State employees are public servants and take a major cut in salary as compared to private sector jobs”
“Unions make it  hard for business to survive” “Everyone benefits from the standards that union fight to put in place for workers—union or otherwise”

…AND REMEMBER: The middle class was built up by unions and delivered workers a safe environment and fair benefits


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