Joyce Leogrand–Retired Senior Adjudicator

Thinking about leaving Connecticut behind? Make sure you have someone here still protecting you!


When Joyce moved to Massachusetts in 2009 after retiring from Connecticut’s Department on Disability Services there was no question that she would need CSEA Council 400 here in Hartford—after all without a vote in Connecticut who else was going to protect the hard earned benefits that she relies on?

Joyce worked as a Senior Adjudicator for DDS since 1999, after being hired following nearly a year of hiring freezes. Joyce wasn’t dissuaded though, she relentlessly contacted DDS (little did she know she was actually leaving messages for the Commissioner!)  and her persistence paid off.

At any time Joyce could be assigned 200-250 different cases to monitor and eventually progress through the protocols. She had to work with a multitude of moving parts including evaluation, vocational analysis and medical documentation.

If you ever saw Joyce in her element there was no question that she belonged there. She understood the importance of her job. She understood that the people assigned to her were there because they were unable to help themselves and were relying on her to provide a helping hand. She was an extremely diligent worker who fought hard for those she represented. If a case called for her to contact her client’s doctors, she would stay on hold for hours.

 In Joyce’s words, “That was the only way to make the work meaningful—to put my all behind it”.

After moving to Massachusetts, she immediately looked for a local CSEA Council 400 chapter to join, and just last year she became President of Chapter 441 in Cape Cod. She maintain involvement because Council 400 affords her a sense of security, that if anything was to affect her benefits, CSEA would be right there fighting on behalf of the retirees—whether they live in Connecticut or elsewhere!

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