Paula Dillion – State School Teacher

Today’s #MeetAMemberMonday is highlighting the work of Paula Dillon, a State School Teacher and 33 year CSEA member! She started at Altobello Hospital in 1984 and moved between the Riverview Hospital, Long Lane School and finally in 2001 to the CJTS/Walter G. Cady School.


In 2002, CSEA was lucky to swear Paula in as the P3B Union Steward where she went on to serve as the Council President and Contract Negotiation Board Delegate for several years.

She mostly worked with children who were in psychiatric hospitals or incarcerated. Often this population came from backgrounds that included poverty, abuse and neglect. The work that is done with this population is critical. Treatment, education and necessary services are vital for giving this population an opportunity to succeed in our communities and society as a whole. If this population fails it becomes it is our communities that incur a greater costs and problems.

Paul is #UnionYes for many reasons.  CSEA negotiated excellent contracts and as a CSEA leader for so many years, she knew that often members are not aware of the benefits that they receive due to the union or how different it would be for members if the Union didn’t negotiate compensation and healthcare.

Listen to her story below about how the union changed her life:

“My good friend was in a car accident (thank god she is fine). An ambulance came on scene and police recommended that she take the ambulance and get checked out at the hospital. At that moment, after a serious accident, adrenaline kicking in, confusion, fear and the idea of how much that ambulance ride would cost her made her think twice about taking care of her health. She had to be persuaded by her husband by phone and the police who were present that she go to the hospital. Her distress in dealing with that accident was worsened by the knowledge that she will have a high cost for that ambulance drive. I DO NOT HAVE THAT WORRY, THANKS TO MY UNION. Shouldn’t all people be treated in the same way?”

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