Bridge’s Built by the Lowest-Bidder and Inspected by No-bid Consultants? CSEA Says NO!

Connecticut is home to over 300 structurally-deficient bridges, resulting in traffic bottlenecks, chronically delayed trains and buses and an uneasy feeling every time you travel over or under a bridge.

With this in mind, Governor Lamont has told Legislative leaders that he wants a Special Session in the coming weeks to work on a transportation plan.  For years, Connecticut politicians have been talking about needed repairs, upgrades, and maintenance for our state’s highway infrastructure – and everyone agrees now is the time to act.


While most of the discussion about how to improve Connecticut’s infrastructure has focused on how to pay for all this needed work, CSEA members have been consistent in drawing attention to another important factor: who is going to DO this work. 

Like other state agencies, the Connecticut DOT has a long history of outsourcing work that should be done by in-house state employees– costing CT taxpayers, unnecessarily, hundreds of millions of dollars every year.  Not only will using our State DOT employees save money over private consultants, but it will also improve public safety –  Do you want to drive over a bridge built by low-bid consultants that was inspected by a no-bid consultant?  We should not let the fox guard the henhouse.

Call your General Assembly members & Governor Lamont Today 

Tell them that any transportation bill must in-source DOT inspection, maintenance, and engineering work, so that work is performed by dedicated state employees, not private consultants cutting corners in hopes of turning a profit. 

Below are the switchboards for the General Assembly.  Call and ask for your legislator and you will be connected to a voicemail or an aide.  Identify yourself as a constituent of the legislator, and deliver this message. Even a short phone call can make a big difference.  If you don’t know who your legislator is, click here.

Senate Democrats Office: (860) 240-8600

Senate Republicans Office: (860) 240-8800

House Democrats Office: (860) 240-8585

House Republicans Office:  (860) 240-8700

Governor Ned Lamont:  (860) 566-4840

Year after year, the Connecticut Department of Transportation has produced reports showing that engineering, maintenance, inspection, and other work done by the DOT can be done better, faster, and for less by state employees.  Unfortunately, Connecticut officials are yet to act on these reports and continue to waste money on expensive outside consultants.

Call your General Assembly members and Governor Lamont and tell them that any transportation bill has to in-source DOT inspection, maintenance, and engineering work to be performed by dedicated state employees.  

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