Part B Procedure for 2020

Many of you have begun to receive notification from the Social Security Administration regarding your 2020 Part B expenses (including any Part D or IRMAA costs as well).

The basic amount for Part B for 2020 is $144.60/ month (or $433.80 quarterly), which is what most retirees will be paying. If that is the amount you will be paying, then you don’t need to do anything further—the state will automatically adjust your reimbursement starting in January.

If, however, you are paying an amount different from $144.60, higher or lower, then you will need to send a copy of the statement to UnitedHealthcare. They are processing the paperwork for all those paying a premium higher than the basic amount. The address to send it to is:


UnitedHealthcare Benefits Services
PO Box 740221
Atlanta, GA 30374


You can also email it as an attachment to and call 1-866- 747-0048 to confirm they have received it.


I highly recommend checking your advice (what the Comptroller’s Office refers to as your pay stub) regularly so you know the amount you are being reimbursed. Since they no longer send out monthly advices, you will need to go online to review it at the Retiree Portal at, or you can call them to have one sent to you at 860-702-3480, which will bring you to a menu – press “6” to leave a message to request a copy of the retiree direct deposit advice.

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