Survey for 457/403(b) Vendor

The Office of the State Comptroller is on the verge of negotiating a new contract to administer the 457/403(b) plans and would like to hear your feedback in all of the areas that can help ensure that employees and retirees are best served by the companies selected to administer programs on behalf of the state. 


This is a survey for Connecticut state employees and retirees to assess the level of satisfaction and/or dissatisfaction with the how the state’s 457/403(b) voluntary retirement savings programs are currently administered. Are employees and retirees happy with the investment choices being offered? Are employees and retirees happy with the level of customer service being provided?  The feedback that you provide can help inform that process by letting us know what issues and concerns are most important to you as eligible plan participants.


Please Access the Survey HERE


This survey is being implemented and handled by the Office of the State Comptroller, and we are assisting in getting this information to our members so the Comptroller’s Office can make informed decisions.  If you have additional questions about the plan, you will need to contact the Comtproller’s Office directly at (860) 702-3300.

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