2019– A Retiree Year in Review

As 2019 closed, CSEA Council 400 wanted to reflect back on the growth, accomplishments and challenges we have overcome in the last 12 months.

We added 427 New Members.

We helped get 33 CSEA-endorsed candidates elected to local municipalities.

We held a successful Lobby Day at the Connecticut State Capitol.

We gave out nearly 55 scholarships to high school graduates of union members.

We grew the Retiree Council to include another Staff Representative, Drew Phelan

We won an expanded UnitedHealthcare pharmacy network, now including Shop Rite, Price Chopper, Big Y and 4,000 independent pharmacies across the country in addition to CVS, Stop and Shop and Optum Mail Order.

We met with our Congressmen in Connecticut to advocate for Social Security expansions

We held over 200 meetings in Connecticut, Florida and Massachusetts.

We raised over $26,000 in Political Action Committee Donations.

We made over 1,500 political calls for our endorsed candidates.

We settled over 200 healthcare claims for members.

We sent over 275 letters to Speaker Nancy Pelosi, urging her to bring Congressman John Larson’s Social Security bill to the House floor for a vote.

We traveled to New York, Canada, Bermuda, and Chicago with our Social Activities Committee.


2019 proved to be a great year for CSEA and unions across the country—now it’s time to gear up for 2020 to ensure that our benefits and worker rights are protected into the new decade!


Your Retiree Team,


Bernadette Conway                                                                                                                        Drew Phelan

Retiree Coordinator                                                                                                                        Retiree Organizer

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