CT Application for Absentee Ballot: What to do!


As many of you may know, Governor Lamont signed an Executive Order (EO 7QQ) to temporarily allow “no excuse” absentee voting due to COVID-19 to allow voters the option vote absentee or vote at the polls for the August 11th Primary Election (the Executive Order did not pertain to November’s General Election). So if you are a registered Democrat or Republican in Connecticut then you have been sent an application for an absentee ballot for the upcoming August 11th election. If you haven’t already received it in the mail, you should any day now, but reach out to your Town Clerk if you’re concerned. 

The application will come in an envelope and contain the application form as well as a return envelope so that you don’t have to worry about postage. The form is very straightforward, you simply check your party affiliation (only registered Democrats and Republicans can participate in Connecticut’s Primary Election), the Statement of Applicant (everyone is eligible to check COVID-19) and sign under Applicant’s Declaration. 

After you fill out and sign the application it’s important that you fold it and put it into the return envelope properly with the Town Clerk’s name and address visible through the window. You do NOT want to fold it so that your name is visible, the envelope window must show the Town Clerk’s name and address. Please see an example below. 

If you still want to vote at the polls on August 11th you are more than willing and able to do so at your normal polling location. 

If you have any questions about the absentee ballot process, please reach out to your Town Clerk or your local State legislature.

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