SEBAC Unions Address Ongoing Kronos Problem

As members know, we have been informed that the State will be switching to the Kronos time and scheduling system for several 24/7 agencies this year. Here is what we’ve been told and what we are working on:
1. Agencies Involved – The agencies involved have continued to decrease. As of now, DCF has begun implementation, and we are told that only DESPP, DVA and DOC are still planning on implementation.
2. Legal Challenge – On August 14, 2020 the Unions filed a prohibited practice complaint challenging the
implementation of Kronos in the four affected, or potentially affected agencies. While we will continue to work with the administration to minimize any negative impact of Kronos, we will continue to press our legal position that the State has not met its obligation to bargain over the decision to implement Kronos or its effects on working members.
3. Understandings – The State has committed to a series of understandings about Kronos which will mitigate the impact of its implementation while the parties continue to meet and the legal processes are being pursued. These understandings are listed below.
4. Next Steps – The Unions continue to strongly oppose the implementation of Kronos for anything other than front-end scheduling purposes. As noted, while the Unions have filed a prohibited practice complaint, the parties will continue to seek solutions that will avoid the need for further litigation. Members feeling any adverse effects from the implementation of Kronos are strongly encouraged to keep their stewards/delegates and Union staff informed of all issues.
5. Understandings- Agreed to by the Union and the State:
A. Use of bio-scanning is purely voluntary.
B. There is no GPS data gathered as a result of use of Kronos (this does not impact situations where State may have already been gathering GPS data by other means)
C. Roll Call Units if they begin to use Kronos will not use it for signing in or out of work
D. Salary Units – Lunch periods are pre-programed, so no data entry occurs with lunch unless the employee works through and wishes to record for such purposes as compensatory time; No sign in or sign out is required for changes in location or project during the workday
E. Exempt employees who are required by the State to attend the regular and recurrent evening meetings or otherwise called out regularly and recurrently to perform work outside the regular scheduled workweek or otherwise work irregular hours shall be authorized to work a flexible work schedule which must be completed within the same pay period.
F. No disciplinary investigation will be initiated based solely upon a review of Kronos records. This does not preclude either party from using such records in support of its position if such investigation occurs for other reasons.
G. Kronos implementation does not amend or alter any CBA provision absent Union agreement.

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