Tips for Zoom!

It’s great to be able to stay in touch during COVID times with the latest technology, but it can be confusing! Here are some tips to remember when attending meetings.
Many people have had their desktop or laptop for many years and have never had to use the camera before, and are not even sure if there is one! You don’t need a camera on your device to attend a meeting, just know that you people won’t be able to see you.

When you join a meeting, we have the attendees on mute so that the speakers can be heard, so don’t take it personally if you cannot unmute yourself to speak. It is much easier to hear the speakers clearly when all are muted. We will always give everyone in attendance a chance to ask questions or speak at the end of the meeting.

There are two ways to reach out with questions. The first is the “Chat Feature”. You can find the chat feature by moving your mouse to the bottom of your screen under participants. Click on the participants icon and it will bring up the chat feature which is a box that you can type your questions into and read our responses. We hope to answer all questions fully in the chat feature, but if we aren’t able to, we will bring up the question to answer it at the end of the meeting. Another way to ask a question is to “raise your hand”. To raise your hand to be called upon, you can click on the participants icon on the bottom of your screen, and that will bring up a box on your right. There will be a logo stating “raise hand” – click on that, please be patient until we call upon you.

We always do our best to get to everyone, and answer all of your questions during the meeting one way or another!

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