CSEA Reaches Tentative Agreement with First Student

CSEA School Bus members win a big victory against First Student in achieving a Tentative Agreement. The three yards worked together across county lines to collectively bargain and fight for a contract that respects all workers. The New Haven, New London and West Hartford Bus Yards set industry standards for school bus drivers across the state when the three yards organized the largest negotiations campaign in the School Bus Council.

Throughout the pandemic and school shutdowns members continued to attend negotiations via ZOOM and pressed forward with their agenda. When the Employee pushed back and would not budge during negotiations, the members in the three yards rallied together in solidarity. After having done a member action where all employees reported to work wearing purple, the Boss’ attitude quickly shifted and shortly after on December 21st, 2020, the parties reached a Tentative Agreement. The Tentative Agreement includes, worker safety, protections, hours & wage security, as well as increases to the previously under matched 401(k), a path to earn up to $29/hr after only 5 years of service, additional holiday pay, new and increased attendance bonuses, along with other benefits being equally offered to all bus yards. Congratulations drivers and monitors on your hard fought win.


Getting her Name(WH) Elizmarie Correa
New Haven New London


New London, West Hartford and New Haven bus yards, all First Student,
stood together and won #OneContractOneUnion


Check out the whole story HERE.

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