Legislative Update from Political Director, Danny Meddress

The 2021 legislative session of the Connecticut General Assembly started on January 6 with the swearing in of representatives and senators. Although this ceremony took place at the Capitol – both inside and outside of the building as part of the safety protocols in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic – it marks the beginning of a legislative session that will look unlike any we have seen before. Unless there is a significant ramp up in the distribution of the vaccine, the likelihood is that most of this session, scheduled to adjourn on June 9, will be conducted virtually. Right now, you can watch live streams of committee meetings on YouTube and, when public hearings commence, people will be able to sign up online and testify via Zoom or by phone. For
more information about legislation and committee meetings, visit the General Assembly’s website at cga.ct,gov or our state’s government and public policy broadcaster, the Connecticut Network, at ct-n.com.

Even though this session might look different than in years past, it still holds fundamental importance to every member of CSEA.In early February, Governor Ned Lamont will submit his proposed budget which will be followed by public hearings in the Appropriations Committee. And, while CSEA members will be working to pass a range of different critical pieces of legislation during this session, as we all know, it is the biennial budget that impacts each and every one of us. Contact your staff representative about getting involved in CSEA’s work to pass a fair budget that funds our jobs and protects the services we provide.

State Retiree Threat Corner

Hear the most recent threats against your benefits & learn Council 400 how you can stop them!

As the legislative session begins, we are already seeing our opponents put forth dangerous, yet unrealistic bills and resolutions that CSEA is already working on squashing. One of the proposed bills is from Senator Alex Kasser, “An Act Concerning the Recalculation or Capping of Certain State Employee Pensions” (Proposed Bill Number SB 57). As a member your dues help to fund our member lobbying efforts to ensure your benefits are protected and expanded. To join the Legislative Action Committee, please email CSEARetirees@csea760.com & check out csea-ct.com

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