February is McCusker Month

Click Here to Download the 2021 McCusker Scholarship Application

Over the past several decades, CSEA SEIU Local 2001 has had the honor of awarding millions of dollars in educational scholarships to the children and grandchildren of our members. 
These scholarships have helped address the ever-increasing cost of higher education to ensure that our working-class children have a pathway to further opportunities. 
2020 proved to be the most unique and challenging year for the McCusker Committee- they faced these obstacles head on and found new and creative ways to fundraise and get through the hundreds of applications. 
The McCusker Scholarship is made up solely from donations from our members and chapters. Every February the McCusker Committee kicks off the year with a call for donations because without our members the scholarship would not exist. This year we hope to be able to award more scholarships than before, so please help us get to our goal! You can donate via GoFundMe or by checks:
To Donate through GoFundMe:                                                                          To Donate By Check:
gofundme.com/f/McCusker-Fund                                                                     CSEA SEIU Local 2001
                                                                                                                                          760 Capitol Avenue
                                                                                                                                          Hartford, CT 06106
                                                                                                                                          ATTN: Valeria Lattarulo

This year’s McCusker Scholarship essay question will be: “The COVID-19 pandemic continues to place a spotlight on the ability of government, hospitals, and our educational systems to adapt to many challenges. Do you believe the strong presence of a unionized workforce in these sectors is an advantage during this difficult time? What do you feel are the reasons that support your position?”

Directions and requirements for submission are on the cover letter of the application. 

The application period opens February 1, and the completed application along with required materials must be received by close of business at 4:30 on the last business day of April (April 30, 2021).  Applications can be emailed to vlattarulo@csea760.com.


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