SEBAC Puts Forth a Framework to Address Racism in State Government

SEBAC Puts Forth a Framework to Address Racism in State Government
While Much Work is Still Necessary, SEBAC Takes First Steps

After the murder of George Floyd, SEBAC created the Racial Justice Committee in which four CSEA Staff sit. The goal of this committee is to push for structural change in State Government, and the group has been making incremental progress. The group of activists have been particularly busy throughout February’s Black History Month meeting with legislative leaders like Senate President Martin Looney and House Speaker Matt Ritter, along with members of Governor Lamont’s Administration to push three specific demands.
These demands have been shaped through numerous conversations with rank-and-file member activists through virtual convenings and represent an approach that offers structural change to long-standing problems. The first demand is the creation of an Inspector General for Racial Justice which would have the sole purpose of pushing for constant progress towards eliminating systemic racism in state government through a myriad of actions. The second demand is focused on a zero tolerance policy that maximizes safety and establishes powerful and actionable whistleblower procedures which is currently lacking in Connecticut’s state government. Finally, the final demand is a 1% labor/management-controlled career training fund which would immediately provide funding and resources for on the job education and advancement that is aimed at breaking the cycle of racial differences in access to education and opportunity.
Together, these three demands provide a framework for which State employees can begin to push back against decades of racial injustices that are pervasive across our state government. And while there remains much work ahead of us, SEBAC is optimistic that these are the right steps, in the right direction.

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