Council 400 Hosts Elder Lawyer – Expert on Probate!

Council 400 had great turn out for the monthly member meeting in March featuring Daniel Tully, Elder Lawyer and Probate Expert!

The following documents are meant to be great resources for you to get started with the Probate Process, but this is not official legal advice and you are not required to go through the Kilbourne & Tully Law Firm. 

The Probate Process – outline.docx –
Get an idea of what the Probate Process looks like in a clear and concise outline!

The Probate Process.docx –
Dive a little deeper into the Probate Process with a brief explanation of what each step of the Probate Process requires!

What is Required of an Executor for Dan’s speaking engagement at CSEA SEIU.doc
Develop an understanding of what is required as an Executor of an estate. 


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