Click here to download the 2019 p4 Holiday Party Flier

CSEA P-4 Council Holiday Party

Thursday, December 12, 2019
12:00 Noon until 4:30 p. m.
at The Farmington Club
162 Town Farm Road, Farmington, CT 860-677-7341


Toss Salad, Penne Pasta with meat sauce, Roast Beef, Chicken ala Kathryn, Medley of mixed vegetables, Oven roasted potatoes, Hot baked rolls, dessert, coffee and tea. Cash Bar.

$35.00 per Member until December 5, 2019.
** All CHAPTERS are Encouraged to give an Additional $5.00 REBATE or MORE.
NOTE : Member Luncheon Cost Could Be : $45 (Total Cost) – $10 (Council Rebate) = $35.00
= $35.00 – $10 (Chapter Rebate) = $25.00 Per Member GUEST: $45.00


  • Linda King-Corbin, Chair (860) 827-2817
  • Denise Eaton , Vice Chair (203) 389 3187
  • Tracy Douglas, (860) 748-0640
  • Tina Franco, (860) 594-3548
  • Laschone Garrison, (860) 509-8133
  • Dorota Rabiej, (203) 591-3552
  • Jason Whelan, (860) 263-6122
  • CSEA Headquarters (860) 951-6614

TICKETS can also be PURCHASED from: P-4 Council Officers, Stewards and Chapter Presidents.

NOTE:P-4 Contract allows 1/2 day off to attend the Holiday Party.

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P-4 Statewide Seniority list as of June 1, 2019.

Disclaimer: This seniority list has been provided by the State for your information. CSEA has not verified the accuracy of the list. If you have any questions or concerns, contact a P4 Steward.

Click here for the Statewide P-4 seniority list



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P-4 Telework Intake form

As part of our 2016 Contract Negotiations and through SEBAC, we won a great advancement in Telework.  SEBAC has reached an interim agreement and are working on a final program.  During this interim arrangement, it is important we figure out what works and what does not. In order to make this a better program for all, please fill out this form and return it to CSEA/SEIU once a response from your agency has been received OR following two weeks after initial submission.  Email completed forms to P4Telework@csea760.com or hand to a steward or chapter leader.
Telework Intake Form

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Updated P‐4 Council Steward Structure / Contact Information

P-4 Steward Structure and Contact- Exec Officers-Staff Reps 3-29-19

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DOT Emergency Disability Forms now on the Internet

To All DOT Members,

In cases when emergency situations occur outside of normal business hours, the state has made available on DOT’s Internet Site, (under Quick Links http://www.ct.gov/dot/cwp/view.asp?a=1372&q=565834 )  important information, instructions and the necessary forms to be completed to help ensure that employees’  families/beneficiaries receive the benefits they are entitled to. (These forms are also available on the DOT intranet/Human Resources forms/Emergency Disability<http://dot.si.ct.gov/dotsi/cwp/view.asp?a=3568&q=449740>).

During normal business hours, you may contact the state’s retirement office at (860) 594-3108.

These forms are as a result of CSEA pushing for emergency disability efforts for the membership throughout the year as well as successful use of a P-4 labor management committee at DOT).

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CSEA P-4 Members Soundly Reject UPSEU

The window period during which a petition can be filed with the state labor board to initiate a representational election has now closed and CSEA P-4 members have soundly rejected UPSEU, who failed to garner the minimum support necessary to trigger an election.

This is excellent news for all of P-4; we have shown that we speak with one unified voice and now we will move forward together and concentrate all of our efforts on winning a strong contract.

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40 Hours Agreement for some P4 Bargaining Unit Members in DEEP

TO:         P4 Bargaining Unit Members in DEEP
FROM:  Stephen Anderson, P4 Council President
DATE:    June 27, 2014
RE:          40 Hours Agreement for some P4 Bargaining Unit Members in DEEP

Here’s how the 40 hours agreement developed:

We met with members many months ago regarding DEEP’s proposal to provide optional 40 hours to a few employees in DEEP.  Our direction from the members was that we should proceed, but try to get the option for more.

After protracted negotiations, we were able to add some positions/bargaining unit members to the agreement (not nearly as many as we’d like).  This step is clearly just the first step in our goal of getting the OPTION for all members in DEEP.

The agreement includes a provision that would reduce the 40 hour workweek if it was necessary to do so to avoid layoffs. 

The agreement includes a commitment from DEEP that it will support any move to 40 hours where the money and the work is there.  Accordingly, we need input from members re where we can make that case.

This agreement does not include a compressed AWS options for those selecting 40 hours.  We were careful to not allow that to serve as a precedent for future 40 hour deals at DEEP.  AWS is important and we will fight to maintain it as it is good for our members, good for management, and good for the environment.

Please contact me or Chuck Lee if you have any questions.

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P-4 Council Bylaws

Click here for the P-4 Council Bylaws


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