P-4 Statewide Seniority List

Disclaimer:  This seniority list has been provided by the State for your information.  CSEA has not verified the accuracy of the list.  If you have any questions or concerns, contact a P4 Steward. Click here for the Statewide P-4 seniority …

CSEA has begun negotiating successor agreements with the state of Connecticut

CSEA has begun negotiating successor agreements with the state of Connecticut over 7 state bargaining unit contracts that are set to expire on June 30, 2016.  These negotiations follow months of listening sessions, contract surveys, and the formation of negotiating …

CSEA P-4 Members Soundly Reject UPSEU

The window period during which a petition can be filed with the state labor board to initiate a representational election has now closed and CSEA P-4 members have soundly rejected UPSEU, who failed to garner the minimum support necessary to trigger …

CT State Pension plans

Tier I Tier II Tier IIA Tier III

DOT Emergency Disability Forms now on the Internet

To All DOT Members, In cases when emergency situations occur outside of normal business hours, the state has made available on DOT’s Internet Site, (under Quick Links http://www.ct.gov/dot/cwp/view.asp?a=1372&q=565834 )  important information, instructions and the necessary forms to be completed to help …



Updated P‐4 Council Steward Structure / Contact Information

Click here for the most up to date information on Steward Structure/contact information

P-4 Shirts Now Available!

            Our order has come in and P-4 Shirts are now available! T-shirts: American and Union Made with Screen Printed P-4 Logo,  $20 each Sweatshirts with Embroidered P-4 Logo, $25 each Hoodies with full zipper and embroidered P-4 Logo, $30 each Proceeds will benefit the McCusker Scholarship Fund. P4 Shirt Order Form – Individual Color

Radon Detected in Garner Correctional Institute (GCI)

Click here for information pertaining to radon being detected in Garner Correctional Institute (GCI)

40 Hours Agreement for some P4 Bargaining Unit Members in DEEP

TO:         P4 Bargaining Unit Members in DEEP FROM:  Stephen Anderson, P4 Council President DATE:    June 27, 2014 RE:          40 Hours Agreement for some P4 Bargaining Unit Members in DEEP Here’s how the 40 hours agreement developed: We met with members …

P-4 Council Bylaws

Click here for the P-4 Council Bylaws  

CSEA Members Meet with National Association of State Highway Transportation Unions

By Ned Statchen CSEA-SEIU Local 2001 members Travis Woodward and I, along with other Union leaders representing Engineers and other Transportation Professionals from around the country were in Washington recently for the 15th Annual Conference of the National Association of …

P-4 Objective Job Evaluation (OJE) Appeal

Dear P-4 Member: The Department of Administrative Services (DAS) has issued an Objective Job Evaluation (OJE) report for the P-4 bargaining unit. Of the classifications studied, DAS determined that none of them have undergone significant changes. The Union has the …

P-4 Contract

Click this article to download your copy of the new P-4 contract booklet. Booklets are being printed and will be mailed to members as soon as production is complete.

Special Open Enrollment For State Employees Following The Supreme Court’s Invalidation of the Defense of Marriage Act

On June 26, 2013, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the portion of the Defense of Marriage Act (“DOMA”) that effectively barred samesex married couples from being recognized as “spouses” for purposes of federal law. As a result of that ruling, the Health Care Cost Containment …

Raises Set to Begin For Many State Employees

For those state employee bargaining units that voted in favor of the 2011 SEBAC agreem nt, raises are set to begin August 26th and should show up in the September 20th paycheck. The 2011 SEBAC agreement provides (3%) increase plus step increases, annual increments (or their equivalent) in those units that have them as part of their collective bargaining agreement for FY 2013-14, FY 2014-15 and FY 2015-16.

P-4 Important Contract Dates

CSEA   P-­‐4    Important  Contract  Dates (Contract  Expiration:  June  30th,  2016) Wage  Increases  (Cost  of  Living  Adjustments  /  COLA’s)   3%  Increase  effective  August  26th,  2013       Check  Date:  September  20th,  2013 3%  Increase  effective  July  1st, …

P4 Pay Tables

P4 ES 2013 08 26 ES 2014 07 01 ES 2015 07 01 ET 2013 08 26 ET 2014 07 01 ET 2015 07 01 EU 2013 08 26 EU 2014 07 01 EU 2015 07 01 FD 2013 08 …

State Employees: Prohibited Practice Agreement on the Pre-Age 55 Resolution

Below you will find a stipulated agreement and question and answer leaflet regarding settlement of a prohibited practice charge filed by SEBAC regarding an issue that arose in August 2011. The issue was that some state employees were allowed to …

How to Report HEP Chronic Care Bonus Non-Payment

For those active state employees who thought they should have received a HEP Chronic Care Bonus, the Comptroller’s Office has set up process for members to report non-payment. Employees should email osc.cthep@po.state.ct.us or call 860-702-3560 (this is a voice mail box for HEP …