P-3A Officers



All positions are for a two-year term (2018-2020)


President Adrian Wood
Vice-President Agnes Quinones
Secretary Suzanne Loud
Treasurer Janet Foster
Chief Steward Regina Hopkins
Stewards Felicia Canty
  Deirdre Ducharme
  Sharon Fuller
  Stephanie Knutson
  Kelly Mero
  Diane Murphy
  Alex Pitsas
  Michelle Rosado
  Kendra Shakir
  Iris White
  Kerri Fradette (BRS)
  Patricia Leonard (BESB)
  Michelle Levy (OEC)
CSEA Council Delegate Adrian Wood
CSEA Council Alternate Sue Pierson
CSEA Convention Delegates Sandi Casberg
Kerri Fradette (Alt)
Mark Henry
Regina Hopkins
Stephanie Knutson
Suzanne Loud
Diane Murphy
Susan Pierson (Alt)
Michelle Rosado
Iris White (Alt)
McCusker Trusstee Iris White



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View the P3A Contract

Click here to read our P3A contract


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CT State Pension plans

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P-3A Labor Management Committee Meeting Minutes

Click Here for P-3A Labor Management Committee Meeting Minutes from Monday, January 27, 2014.

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May Edition of the P-3A Bulletin

The May edition of the P-3A Bulletin is now available.

This month’s edition includes the P-3A President Update, Annual Meeting Notice and Call for Nominations.  Information on the P-3A picnic, Teacher Retirement Board contributions for Retiree Health Insurance, and information on CIGNA as new our new carrier for state employee and retiree dental plans is also included.

Click here to view.

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P-3A Bylaws

Click Here for P3A Bylaws

P-3A Counil Education Administrators By-Laws

Last Revised August 2008


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January P-3A Bulletin

Click Here to download the January edition of the P-3A Bulletin

P3A Pay Tables can currently be found here. If you have information for P3A members that would be useful, please send an email message to Marcus at rivmar905@gmail.com for P3A Executive Council review. Please include “P3A” in the email subject heading.

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December P3A Bulletin

Click here to download the December P3A Bulletin


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September P3A Bulletin

Click here for the September 2013 P3A Bulletin

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Raises Set to Begin For Many State Employees

For those state employee bargaining units that voted in favor of the 2011 SEBAC agreement, raises are set to begin August 26th and should show up in the September 20th paycheck. The 2011 SEBAC agreement provides (3%) increase plus step increases, annual increments (or their equivalent) in those units that have them as part of their collective bargaining agreement for FY 2013-14, FY 2014-15 and FY 2015-16.

These raises are happening at a time when other workers around the state are facing a sluggish economy and many in the private sector are facing the potential for layoffs. It is important to remember that these raises come after two years of wage freezes and other concessions that state employees agreed to during the darkest fiscal period in a generation in order to help the State of Connecticut balance its budget. These past few years of wage freezes have been difficult, but state employees are now set to receive 9% in wage increases over the next 3 years.  Typically, these wage increases would happen on July 1st, but the wage increases for FY 2013-14 have been delayed by 3 pay periods due to wage increases paid to employees in FY 2011-12 prior to ratification of the 2011 agreement.

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