Member Spotlight: Katie O’Brien-Clayton

CSEA member and Department of Energy and Environmental Protections Environmental Analyst II, Katie O’Brien-Clayton, serves our State in important ways by sampling nutrients, chlorophyll, and dissolved oxygen concentrations to document the annual variability of the extent of low dissolved oxygen (hypoxia) in the Long Island Sound and assessing the estuarine waters of the State to determine if they meet water quality standards. This ensures that if you go swimming or fishing, you can rest assured that the water is safe.

The data she collects is used to evaluate whether or not the water quality, especially the extent of hypoxia, in  the Long Island Sound has improved following the implementation of the LIS Total Maximum Daily Load (LIS TMDL). The LIS TMDL set limits for wastewater treatment plant effluent limits for total nitrogen and resulted in the creation of the Nitrogen Trading Program. The assessments that she performs on the estuarine waters often result in water bodies being listed on the Impaired Waters List and the need for the development of a TMDL to remediate those impaired waters.

It’s important to maintain her position as the State’s Long Island Sound Survey provides valuable data to the EPA LISSO. The DEEP  program has been collecting data since 1991, resulting in a 30 year time series of both NY and CT waters. This program provides a valuable service to CT, NY, and federal agencies at a relatively low cost compared to renting ship time from private entities, paying a contractor, or other means to collecting this data.  

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P3A Contract Survey

In preparation for the upcoming collective bargaining process, a Collective Bargaining Committee (CBC) of P3A leadership and volunteer members has been formed to assist P3A leadership with the identification of issues of concern to members. In accordance with Article 1 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, the CBC is conducting a survey. Survey responses will be used to formulate proposals that the P3A Negotiation Team will use in contract negotiations.  Please note: We do not negotiate for health care and pension benefits during this process.

It is important that all P3A members complete the survey since it is the mechanism through which your voice can be heard. The Survey and instructions on completion will be sent to P3A members’ home email addresses currently on file with CSEA.  If CSEA does not have your current email address, please provide your steward with the email address.  The survey should take 10 minutes to complete.

Click Here to Complete The P3A Contract Survey 

We rely on your input to assist in planning for the negotiations. So please take part in the survey, and encourage your colleagues to do the same.  If you have any questions regarding the survey, please contact Adrian Wood, P3A President at (860) 713-6795.

The opening date for the survey is February 21st. Members will have until Friday, March 6, 2020 to complete the survey.

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P3-A 2016-2021 Contract with 35 hr Pay Plans

P-3A Contract 2016-2021 all pay plans

UPDATED April 2019

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P3A Professional Development

P3A Professional Development Reimbursement

Process and Guidelines

Review Process:

The Professional Development (PD) committee will review all incoming applications.  The PD committee meets monthly to review applications if needed.   The PD committee will review all applications upon receipt.


The PD Committee operates on a fiscal year with a plan to appropriate $15,000 each year for fiscal years (FY) 2018, 2019, and 2020, $15,000 to the PD fund.  The PD fund will increase to $21,000 for the FY 2021.  There will be unlimited carryover of unused funds from one contract year to the succeeding contract year(s).  

Professional Development Reimbursement Guidelines:

Each employees is entitled to apply for up to $4,500 PD reimbursement funds per the duration of the union contract.

Each employee shall be entitled to apply for reimbursement at the maximum rate of $1,500 per fiscal year.

Employees are responsible for professional development costs in advance of the professional development reimbursement approval.


Reimbursable Costs:

In-State: Conference fees, mileage and parking

Out of State: Conference fees, travel, lodging and meals

Meals: Rates as listed in Article 17 of the CSEA Contract, under Professional Development and Tuition Reimbursement.


Professional Development Reimbursement Process:

Employee must submit the P3A Professional Development Reimbursement Application at least six (6) weeks prior to the start of the conference date. Click here to review the State Employee Travel Information.

  1. Complete the P3A Professional Development Reimbursement Application.
  2. The application should include copies of the professional development event and travel expenses.
  3. Obtain supervisor approval on the P3A Professional Development Reimbursement Application Form.
  4. E-mail the approved reimbursement application to the PD Committee for review to SDE@ct.gov.
  5. The PD committee will review and send an approval or denial via e-mail to the P3A member.
  6. If approved, employees must complete and submit a travel authorization form, CO-112, at least four (4) weeks prior to the start of the conference date. Review the Union-Funded Travel Procedures for additional guidance. The CO-112 is available at osc.ct.gov.
  7. Once the conference is completed, employees must complete the appropriate forms for reimbursement, which might include the employee payroll reimbursement form, CO-17XP-PR, employee voucher addendum form, and the CO-17XPA. The CO-17XP-PR and CO-17XPA forms are available at osc.ct.gov.
  8. Return the approved application and certificate of completion, all applicable receipts, approved CO-112 as well as a CO-17XP to your agency travel representative for reimbursement from the Comptroller’s Office. Members will receive their reimbursement directly from the State Comptroller.


Application Approval:

The PD Committee will approve applications for professional development opportunities within six weeks of receiving the application.  The employee and their supervisor will receive an e-mail containing the written memorandum and notice of approval once determined.  Once the employee receives the notice of approval then the employee is to follow the union funded travel procedures.


Application Denial:

Approval of professional development opportunities by the PD Committee will not be unreasonably denied.  In the case where a denial is when determined, then the denial notice will include an explanation in a written memorandum.  An unreasonable denial of any employee’s request may be appealable to the Office of Labor Relations.  The Office of Labor Relations shall respond to the appeal within five working days.


General Information:

The PD Committee will review complete applications only.


Employees must notify the PD Committee, the Comptroller as well as their agency representatives if any changes or cancellations occur. 


The fiscal year ends on June 30.  Employees are encouraged to submit reimbursement paperwork prior to June 30 each year so that applications are processed by the end of the fiscal year.  All completed applications are subject to available funding at the time of receipt.  When current fiscal year funds are depleted, no additional applications will be considered.


Please keep copies of all your documents.


Article 17, section 4 of the P3A contract contains language pertaining to the professional development fund. Click here to read the P3A Contract.


Professional Development Committee Members:

The committee comprises two union representatives and two management representatives.

 Name Department Phone E-mail
Shola Freeman SDE-P3A Union 860-713-6532 Shola.Freeman@ct.gov
Kelly Mero SDE-P3A Union 860-807-2073 Kelly.Mero@ct.gov
Francine Dew DORS-Management 860-424-4936 Francine.Dew@ct.gov
Debra Paradis SDE- Management 860-713-6695 Debra.Paradis@ct.gov



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P-3A Officers



All positions are for a two-year term (2018-2020)


President Adrian Wood
Vice-President Agnes Quinones
Secretary Suzanne Loud
Treasurer Janet Foster
Chief Steward Regina Hopkins
Stewards Felicia Canty
  Deirdre Ducharme
  Sharon Fuller
  Stephanie Knutson
  Kelly Mero
  Diane Murphy
  Alex Pitsas
  Michelle Rosado
  Kendra Shakir
  Iris White
  Kerri Fradette (BRS)
  Patricia Leonard (BESB)
  Michelle Levy (OEC)
CSEA Council Delegate Adrian Wood
CSEA Council Alternate Sue Pierson
CSEA Convention Delegates Sandi Casberg
Kerri Fradette (Alt)
Mark Henry
Regina Hopkins
Stephanie Knutson
Suzanne Loud
Diane Murphy
Susan Pierson (Alt)
Michelle Rosado
Iris White (Alt)
McCusker Trusstee Iris White



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View the P3A Contract

Click here to read our P3A contract


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May Edition of the P-3A Bulletin

The May edition of the P-3A Bulletin is now available.

This month’s edition includes the P-3A President Update, Annual Meeting Notice and Call for Nominations.  Information on the P-3A picnic, Teacher Retirement Board contributions for Retiree Health Insurance, and information on CIGNA as new our new carrier for state employee and retiree dental plans is also included.

Click here to view.

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P-3A Bylaws

Click Here for P3A Bylaws

P-3A Counil Education Administrators By-Laws

Last Revised August 2008


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January P-3A Bulletin

Click Here to download the January edition of the P-3A Bulletin

P3A Pay Tables can currently be found here. If you have information for P3A members that would be useful, please send an email message to Marcus at rivmar905@gmail.com for P3A Executive Council review. Please include “P3A” in the email subject heading.

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December P3A Bulletin

Click here to download the December P3A Bulletin


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