Supervisors Judicial Marshals Celebrate 20 Years!

As we enter into contract negotiations for our next contract, it is an appropriate time to reflect where we started from and where we are at today. It has been 20 years since the Supervising Judicial Marshals Council (lieutenants) had the right to negotiate union contracts. When we started down this road, only a few lieutenants were willing to put their careers on the line to form the union. CSEA, our parent union, was there with us from the beginning and still is with us today. In our union election to form our union, the Judicial branch objected to us voting at our workplaces. We had to find voting locations around the state to conduct our vote. This was the first time State employees did not have the opportunity to vote at their workplace. Our members traveled to these voting locations and overwhelmingly voted to be represented by CSEA.
We have come a long way from the Sheriff system to what we have today. The following is a sample of what was achieved.
Before – None
Now – A hazardous duty pension plan (20 years and out) with three years of service time as a sheriff allowed to be purchased and counts as service in calculating your hazardous duty retirement.

Health Insurance
Before – None
Now – One of the best health insurance plans in the nation.

Retiree Health Insurance
Before – None
Now – One of the best health insurance plans in the nation.

Sick Leave
Before – None, if you were out sick you didn’t get paid.
Now – 1 ¼ days of sick leave accrual per month.

Before – None, if you went on vacation you didn’t get paid.
Now – 15 vacation days per year to 20 years of service, then 20 days per year after 20 years, and 3 personal leave days per calendar year.

Longevity Pay
Before – None
Now – Longevity pay based upon your salary and your length of service.

Transfer Rights
Before – None
Now – Restriction on transfers out of district, right to use seniority for courthouse assignments.

Before – You could be disciplined or fired without any recourse.
Now – Discipline only for just cause, union representation, and a right to a hearing before a neutral arbitrator.

Before – None
Now – 12 paid holiday per year.

Work Schedule
Before – At the sole discretion of the High Sheriff your work schedule could be changed with no notice.
Now – Contractual work schedule and the right to choose a working lunch.

Before – Either $100 or $135 per day, but only for those days actually worked.
Now – Check your latest biweekly pay stub gross amount and divide by 10 for your current daily rate.
Our struggle for good wages and benefits didn’t happen that long ago. It was the process of forming a union, having members willing to step up as leaders, and a great contract that has brought us to these better days.

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