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 Staff List

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Steve Anderson President
Roland Bishop Secretary Treasurer
Dave Glidden Executive Director
Mike Nortz Administration Director
Val Lattarulo Administrative Secretary
Bernadette Conway Retiree Coordinator
Danny Medress Political Director
Ben Phillips Communications Director
Carolyn Kuzoian Membership Coordinator
Helen Figueroa Director of Family Child Care Team
Peter Root Accountant
Jason Webster Graphic/Technical Design
Joanna James Staff Representative
Otis Dancy Staff Representative
Charlie Fabian Consultant
Steve Ferrucci Staff Representative
Rosa Salto Staff Representative
Ryan Henowitz Staff Representative
Kevin Mercik Organizing Director
Kevin Sullivan Organizer
Eda DiBiccari Lead Organizer
Wanda Cobbs Staff Representative
Stacey Malitz Organizer
Adrean Rodriguez Internal Organizer/Staff Representative
Andrew Sochacziewski  Staff Representative
Yazmin Veras  Receptionist-Clerk


Mailing Address, Telephone Numbers, & Email Contact Info

Surface Mail
CSEA SEIU Local 2001
760 Capitol Avenue
Hartford, CT 06106
(860) 951-6614
(800) 894-9479 (toll-free)
FAX (860) 951-3526


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