Council 400 Accomplishments

  • Secured a defined benefit pension plan for all State employees (1939)
  • Established cost of living adjustments for State pensions (1963)
  • Won 100% paid for Retiree Health Insurance (1988)
  • Increased minimum disability pension payment to 60% of an employee’s salary (1988)
  • Increased State’s share of payment for dental insurance (1989)
  • Won payment of interest for delays in finalizing pension benefits (1991)
  • Equalized Retiree Health Insurance benefits with active State Employee Health Insurance benefits (1993)
  • Established a minimum life insurance payment of $10,000 for career state employees who had life insurance coverage including those already retired from State service (1998)
  • Established a minimum pension benefit of $10,000 for fulltime career state employees including those already retired from State service (2000)
  • Increased oversight of pension investments through the Investment of Advisory Committee (2000)
  • Established the State Contracting Standards Board to oversee the expenditure of State funds on outside contractors (2004)
  • Fixed the Social Security offset for Tier 1 Plan B members to take into account the adjusted age to receive full Social Security benefits (2007)
  • Equalized the prescription drug benefits for retirees living outside of Connecticut (2008)
  • Fixed the Medicare Part B payment to reflect the actual payment made by the state retiree and spouse (2009)
  • Won free prescription maintenance drugs for retirees with chronic diseases (2012)
  • Extended pension and health care agreement to 2027 (2017)

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