School Bus Council

School Bus Council Bylaws

Members of the School Bus Council have voted on Council Bylaws as they relate to the functions and powers of the council on behalf of it’s members.

Shelton Drivers & Monitors Win Huge Contract Victory


CSEA Has Your Back!

pat “Before the Union, we were making $6 an hour and we had to sit outside. Now that we have the union we are over $22 an hour, and get the respect from the boss that we deserve”
Patricia Gaskin (Specialty Transportation) 

By uniting with other bus drivers, monitors and aides, you have a stronger voice for safety and reliability and you can help create a better future for you and your family!

  • For safer buses and more reliable service
  • For dignity and respect from management
  • For freedom to form a union with other school bus workers
  • For wages that will support our families
  • For quality, affordable health care

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