Our Council 400 Leadership

President Ed Daly Chapter 415
Vice-President Mike O’Brien Chapter 406
Secretary Joan Holley Chapter 406
Assistant Secretary Karen Pineman Chapter 414
Treasurer John Quinn Chapter 404
Assistant Treasurer Roger Ives Chapter 410
Regional VP (East) Robert Rinker Chapter 410
Regional VP (West) Sebastian Puglisi Chapter 411
CSEA Executive Council Delegates  
 President Ed Daly Chapter 415
  Tom Connolly Chapter 401
  Tom Corrigan Chapter 401
  Don Gladding Chapter 412
CSEA Executive Council Alternate Delegates:
 Vice-President  Mike O’Brien  Chapter 406
   Stu Fishbone  Chapter 416

c400 elected leaders


c400 elected leaders Top row left to right Tom Welch, Recruitment Co-Chair, Mike O’Brien Council 400 Vice President, Nancy Driscoll, Recruitment Co-Chair, Sebastian Puglisi, Vice President West Region, Tom Connolly, Executive Council Delegate, Stuart Fishbone, Executive Council Alternate Delegate

Bottom Row left to right:  Robert Rinker Vice President East Region, Ed Daly, Council President, Joan Holley, Council Secretary, Stuart Mahler, LAC Chairman, Don Gladding Executive Council Delegate.   Missing from picture is John Quinn, Treasurer, Roger Ives, Assistant Treasurer, Karen Pineman, Assistant Secretary, and Tom Corrigan, Executive Council Delegate.






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