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CSEA Council 400 is the oldest and largest organization representing public sector retirees in Connecticut. Established in 1962, Council 400 now has 12,000 members in 26 chapters in four states. In Connecticut alone, there are 17 chapters. Florida has 7 chapters and one chapter each in South Carolina and on Cape Cod.

Council 400’s mission is to protect and enhance retirement security for retired public employees. On the State level, we fight to protect our pension and health care benefits. On the Federal level, we fight to protect Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. We do so by holding politicians accountable, so that our retiree members have the security and dignity they desire and have earned after a career in public service.

Council 400 Delegates Meeting

Each chapter elects delegates and alternates to the Delegate Meeting.  They are responsible to report back at chapter meetings as to the information that is presented at the monthly meeting.  The Delegate Meeting is the third Thursday of the month, September through June.  The number of delegates is determined by the number of members/affiliates in the chapter.  The minimum number of delegates is five (5) per chapter.  Delegates are able to vote on motions that come before the Council.  Alternates are elected at the chapter level as well.  Unless the chapter does not have a full contingent of Delegates as assigned, the Alternate then may vote.

CSEA and Council 400 Accomplishments

  • Pension plan for all state employees (1939)
  • Formation of Retiree Council 400 within CSEA with voting influence on the CSEA Executive Board (1962)
  • Cost of living adjustments for all state retirees (1963)
  • Increased disability pensions (1987)
  • Dental benefits for retirees (1989)
  • Payment for retiree health insurance including reimbursement of Medicare Part B (1979 – 1988)
  •  Interest payments on pension benefits withheld while conducting final audits (1991)
  • Retiree health benefits equal to employee benefits, regardless of Medicare eligibility (1993)
  • Minimum life insurance for retired career employees (1998)
  • Minimum Pension for retired career employee (2000)
  • Increased oversight of pension fund investments and retiree representation on the IAC (2000)
  • CSEA retiree seat on the Investment Advisory Committee that oversees the State employee retirement pension funds
  • Worked to equalize prescription drug co-pays for retirees and actives residing out of Connecticut and on Medicare (2008)
  • Working to ensure National Guard & Army Reservists receive retirement service credit
  • Extending the 20-Year agreement on health insurance benefits and access for all retirees and their eligible spouses/dependents to 2027 (2017)

For all state, municipal and public sector employees:

  • Affiliation with SEIU (Service Employees International Union) incorporating state and municipal retired and active employee becoming CSEA SEIU Local 2001 (2001)
  • Retiree seated on SEIU’s Retiree Advisory Board (2003 and on-going)
  • Worked to help develop State Department of Aging for all Connecticut elders (2006 and on-going)
  • Worked to help develop State Department of Disability Services (2008)
  • Working to ensure Employee Free Choice (on-going)
  • Working to ensure Public Services remain strong and not reduced (on-going)
  • Working to repeal the Windfall Elimination Provision/Government Pension Offset  (on-going)
  • Continuing work to organize municipal and private sector workers (on-going)
  • Continuing work to protect Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid (on-going)
  • Continuing to advocate for quality, affordable, accessible and quality health care (on-going)
  • Continuing work to develop a Retiree Division within SEIU with sister retiree unions around the country (on-going)
  • Working to hold our elected officials accountable and protecting middle class and working families  (on-going)
  • Working with the Executive branches of government who respects and values the work done by public service workers and retirees and the working class and the benefits earned for a secure retirement (on-going)
  • Worked to open the State prescription drug and medical plans to municipalities and non-profits (2011)

The Council 400 President appoints all Committee Chairpersons.


Chairpersons: Nancy Driscoll 860-449-9301
  Tom Welch 860-208-1252

The Membership Committee is responsible for coordinating Council and Chapter recruitment of new members, maintaining records of membership, coordinating the Council 400 Membership Committee and issuing monthly reports as required by the Council.

The Membership Committee is presently in the process of reorganizing itself with the goal of increasing membership and active participation in our Union.  Contact Stacey Malitz at 800-894-9479 for more information.


55 ELM STREET, HARTFORD, CT  06106-1775

GENERAL INFORMATION                                                                           860-702-3480
PAYROLL MAIN NUMBER                                                                           860-702-3528
Report a lost/stolen check, notify of retiree death, change of address form, request an application for electronic transfer of pension check to a bank, etc. 

LIFE INSURANCE MAIN NUMBER                                                             860-702-3537
Request a form to change the named beneficiary, verify name of beneficiary or dollar amount of insurance (request must be submitted in writing)

HEALTH INSURANCE MAIN NUMBER                                                      860- 702-3533
A form for change of address is provided by the Payroll Department.

INVESTIGATION & RECOVERY                                                                 860-702-3524
Questions on discrepancies in pension payments after determination of disability

OTHER QUESTIONS                                                                                               860-702-3508
Questions on Alternative Retirement Plans

If you have a computer or access to one, you can review the Health Plan and Tier summary of your year of hiring/retirement and other benefits at There is a Table of Contents with a ‘Link’ to Benefits Information under “For State Employees” and “For State Retirees”.


  • ANTHEM BLUE CROSS                              800-922-2232   
  • OXFORD HEALTH PLAN                             800-385-9055    
  • UNITEDHEALTHCARE DENTAL                 800-896-4834    
  • CIGNA DENTAL HMO PLAN                        800-244-6224    
  • CVS CAREMARK_                                        800-318-2572   
  • SILVERSCRIPT                                             866-693-4624

If you have a question about your health plan or your benefits, call the number listed on your health plan identification card.  If problems persist, call CSEA at 860-951-6614.


  • CSEA SEIU Local 2001                                            
  • The Alliance for Retired Americans             __
  • State of Connecticut  (portal to state website)
  • State of Connecticut, Office of the Comptroller
  • Government Legislative Guide                               OR
  • Center for Medicare Advocacy                          __
  • Medicare                                                                      
  • Social Security                                                               
  • Medicaid                                                                                     www.medicaid


Chairperson:             Edward Daly 860-871-9482
The By-Laws Committee is responsible for reviewing and recommending amendments to the Council 400 By-Laws and supporting pertinent amendments to the CSEA Constitution.  This Committee is also responsible for ensuring continued adherence of the Council and its Chapters to the current By-Laws and CSEA Constitution.


  • Connecticut State Employees Credit Union (7 offices statewide)                             860-522-5388
  • MetLife Group Insurance for Home and Automobiles                                     800-GET-MET1
  • Reduced Membership in BJs                      _Call Yasmin at CSEA for more information
  • McCusker Scholarships for members’ children and grandchildren call Bernadette for
  • more information and other relatives that may be eligible
  • SEIU Scholarships: Other benefits through our SEIU affiliation
  • You can also access these and other benefits on our website: and click on ‘Benefits’.


Chairperson: Presently Unfilled     800-894-9479 Leave message
The CSEA Social Activities Committee coordinates trips throughout the United States and the world, looks for, and reviews potential benefits for active and retired members and their families.


Chairperson and Council 400 trustee:      Donald Gladding  860-564-9092
The McCusker Fund provides for the education, training or scholarly advancement of individual(s) as selected to receive these funds by independent judges.  Trustees, who are elected at the Biennial CSEA Convention from each of CSEA’s Council, govern the McCusker Scholarship Fund.  This fund is open to the children and grandchildren of CSEA active, affiliate, and retired employees. Applications are accepted February through the first Monday in June.  Contact Bernadette Conway at CSEA Headquarters for applications during these times or on our website at

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